We care about the environment. A portion of our sales, your tips and donations are given back to our environment.

Our aim is to produce quality and effective sustainable menstrual products to reduce the plastic waste generated from disposable ones while raising awareness in the importance of planting and saving trees to reduce the unfavourable effects of climate change.


Trees are planted on your behalf in Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Nueva Ecija is experiencing one of the hottest summers in the Philippines. Studies show that planting trees can also reduce the temperature by up to 7°C. As of June 2021, a total 338 fruit bearing trees are already planted in the communities of Cabiao and Jaen, Nueva Ecija.


Eco-Friendlier Solutions For Bubble Wrap (by Livegreen.recyclebank)

The best thing to do with any material you already have is to reuse it as often as possible before disposing of it.

Luckily, bubble wrap is easy to reuse!

1. Reuse bubble wrap when shipping your own packages.

2. Store fragile household goods in bubble wrap for later use. This is especially helpful during the holiday season: With every package you receive at the beginning of the season, you can set aside the bubble wrap, and then use it to store your delicate ornaments at the end of the season.

3. Create art with bubble wrap. 

4. Donate extra bubble wrap. Pass it along to family and friends who are moving.

BONUS: In this time of pandemic that almost anything can be delivered at your doorstep, we are taking part of helping every consumer reuse and dispose properly their packaging consumption.

Hence, we are now accepting used bubblewrap, shredded papers and small boxes donation. Simply contact us at customercare@herperiod.co to know more about it.