1. We are continuously producing quality, effective and life-changing sustainable period products to reduce the plastic waste generated from disposable ones. 
  2. We are avoiding the use of excessive plastic wraps. 
  3. We use reusable packaging (e.g. resealable pouch). 
  4. We are recycling. Therefore, if you have plenty of small boxes, bubble wraps, or shredded papers, you can donate them to us. Just contact us at customercare@herperiod.co. 
  5. A portion of our sales are given back to our environment. We are raising awareness of the importance of planting and saving trees to reduce the unfavorable effects of climate change. Trees are planted on your behalf in Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Nueva Ecija is experiencing one of the hottest summers in the Philippines. Studies show that planting trees can also reduce the temperature by up to 7°C. As of June 2022, a total of 338 fruit bearing trees are already planted in the communities of Cabiao and Jaen, Nueva Ecija.