1. What's a menstrual cup?

Also known as a period cup, a menstrual cup provides maximum period protection by directly gathering blood from the cervical opening. It can collect menstrual flow up to 3 times more than your regular menstrual protection products without drying out your vagina as it helps maintain healthy pH levels.

Maximum leak protection typically lasts 4-8 hrs.

2. How to insert a menstrual cup?


  1. Make sure that your hands are thoroughly clean.
  2. Make sure that the cup has been sterilized.
  3. Find your comfortable position. It may be sitting, standing, squatting, etc.
  4. Lubricate or moisten the cup if needed.
  5. Grip the cup firmly.
  6. Fold the cup to facilitate insertion. (Refer to the types of folds.)
  7. Hold the cup using the fingers of one hand at the possible lowest position.
  8. Relax and gently insert the cup into the vaginal opening obliquely, pointing towards the back.
  9. Upon insertion in the vagina, release your grip and let the cup “pop” or unfold fully.
  10. To make sure that the cup is properly in place, you can try to insert your finger around the rim of the cup and feel for any irregularities.
  11. Wear up to 8 hrs. Depending on your flow, you may empty and reinsert more than 2 times per day.

3. What are the types of folds for insertion?

  • Push-down Fold - Hold the cup between your thumb and third finger. Push the upper silicone ring deeply to one point with your index finger. Then grip the cup with your index finger and thumb while keeping the folded portion firmly together.

  • C-Fold- Pinch the middle of the upper silicone ring with your index finger and thumb. Then fold it in half. 

  • 7-Fold: Hold the cup horizontally with the rim facing up. Press the sides of the cup inward to create a "U" shape. Bring one side of the "U" over the other, forming the shape of a "7" with the rim of the cup at the top and the base at the bottom.

4. How to remove and empty a menstrual cup?

  1. Make sure that your hands are thoroughly clean.
  2. Find your favorite position.
  3. Bear down gently to get some help from your abdominal muscles to push down the cup.
  4. Gently pinch the base of the cup to release the vacuum/suction. 
  5. Slowly pull from the pinched base along the grip marks. Be careful not to pull from the stem to lessen the mess & discomfort.
  6. Empty the cup into the toilet. 
  7. Wash & rinse the cup with water or with a cup cleanser. 
For on-the-go emptying and reinsertion: you can reinsert a wet and clean cup using the water as a lubricant.

5. Is it free of harmful chemicals?

Our Malaya Cup has certifications under US-FDA, ISO 10993, ISO 13485, RoHS, REACH, and SGS. Our cup is made of 100% medical-grade silicone imported from Wacker (Germany).

6. Is it Safe to Use? 

Menstrual cups are generally safe to use. Although there are some risks, they are considered minimal and unlikely to occur when the cup is used as recommended. 

NOTE: If you experience any untoward reaction, please discontinue using and contact your health care provider. If you have any medical concerns before usage, please consult your doctor first. If you know you are allergic to silicone or latex, please do not attempt to use a cup or disc.

7. How to sanitize my cup?

There are 4 ways you can sanitize your cup:

Note: Remember to rinse the cup first under clean running water removing all the menstrual blood. 

      • By steeping in recently boiled water for 5 mins - you can pop your cup inside the included collapsible sterilizer cup. 
      • In the microwave - same method as above but to keep the temperature up, you can place this inside the microwave and bake it for no more than 5 mins. Just make sure the cup is inside the collapsible sterilizer cup filled with water.
      • In boiling water - you can also leave the cup in boiling water for 5 mins. CAUTION: Do not let the cup come in contact with any metal heating elements (like the sides of the pot) as this can damage the silicone. Place the cup inside a rubber/silicone whisk for this method. Make sure the cup is fully submerged.
      • For optimum silicone care with maximum antimicrobial effect, we highly recommend our Hanan Electric Sterilizer. This utilizes steam technology to conveniently and effectively sanitize any silicone menstrual product.
  • Note: If you happen to use mild soap for cleaning, make sure you thoroughly rinse the cup to avoid any irritation this might cause. An organic & anti-microbial soap like our HER All-natural Cleanser is highly recommended.

8. When should I sterilize my cup?

Before use: You should sanitize your cup before using with either of the methods above.

Emptying & reinsertion: Every 8-12 hours of use, or as needed, you should empty the cup and reinsert it to continue with your day. But if you don't have the time and resources available, just rinsing it with clean running water should have no problems for reinsertion. Just make sure you sterilize again the cup with the methods in FAQ #7 at least every after a whole day of use.

Before Storing: It is certainly a plus if you can use an organic, anti-microbial soap to further clean your product. An organic & anti-microbial soap like our HER All-natural Cleanser is highly recommended if the cup is now for storage—ready for your next period.

9. Is it safe to use for women with no experience with sexual intercourse ("virgins")?

Yes. As per medical standards and definitions, the use of these kinds of period products does not affect our "virginity" as women. This is not, and should not be a reason to stop you from experiencing the benefits of these life-changing period products.

10. Can I get internal injuries by using these types of products?

As for our period products, your health is our top priority. We have specifically made all of our products free from any kind of hard-edge or grooves that can harm our delicate reproductive system.

11. How can I know the right size for me?

You can follow the flowchart below: