DANA Seamless Period Underwear

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Your most comfortable period just got 100% better! Introducing our DANA Seamless Period Underwear.
Be as fashionable and confident as you truly are — even if on your period! 
Our MOST absorbent period underwear line now comes in a fully seamless design. 

Rock in that tight pants or flaunt in your favorite dress with no worries of leaks & undies seeing through. Plus, feel comfortable all day with minimum irritations and dry feels.
With our 4-layer absorbent technology, be your best self on your red days while helping our Mother Earth heal by eliminating harmful disposables (sanitary napkins, tampons, etc.).


FLOW: Moderate to Heavy
BOTTOM: 40ml
BACK: 60ml
DAY: 4-8 hours
NIGHT: 8-10 hours

Dana Period Underwear can replace (2-3) pads/tampons with its front-to-back protection. It is recommended to use on moderate-heavy flow days. Depending on one’s flow, it can absorb shorter/longer than the indicated time frame. Nevertheless, we still recommend replacing your underwear every 4-6 hours to prevent vaginal irritation or infection.

NOTE: We highly suggest doing a home test for the first 3 days of menstruation before going outside, for you to adjust to the new period environment.


Body: 78% Nylon, 22% spandex

Gusset: 80% polyester, 20% Nylon

Middle: 95% bamboo fiber, 5% spandex, breathable PUL


We take our client's health and safety very seriously. This is why all of our products are made from safe and eco-friendly materials. Our Period Underwear is tested and certified by OEKO-TEX (Switzerland) – Standard 100®. All products meet the human-ecological standard requirements.

Dana Seamless Period Underwear Sizing Chart 
Demi (S) 25-27in 34-36in
Petite (M)



Ample (L)



Puffy (XL)



Extra (XXL) 33-36in 44-47in

Kindly read the sizes carefully.
We strictly implement no exchange policy due to hygienic purposes.