HER Reusable Heat Pack

₱320 ₱640

Tired of monthly cramps? Make HER Reusable Heat Pack your period Bestie, it will help you relax uterine contractions, hence, pain is lessened. Just snap and go!


  1. No need to boil water. Heat up in 10 seconds!
  2. Cramp Relief. Helps you with your period pain, no meds are needed.
  3. Bring anywhere you go, just tuck in.
  4. Easy to Use. Snap and you are good to go.

SIZE: 8cm x 10cm

USE FOR: Menstrual Cramps (or any part of your body)

TIME: Heat lasts for 20-30minutes per pack

DIRECTIONS: Gently click the activation disc. once snapped, you will begin seeing the crystals form. It will heat up on its own.

To Reuse: Recharge in boiling water, the heat dissolves the crystals back to its liquid state. Remove to cool, store, or reuse.

PRECAUTIONS: Do not puncture. Do not place directly on the skin. Do not snap the activation disc until the bag has cooled down from boiling. Do not microwave.

NOTE:  We strictly implement no exchange policy due to hygienic purposes.